Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sunshine and bluebells -and giveaway winners

Hello!  Just a quick pop in to say hi and announce the giveaway winners.  I'm delighted to say two new-to-me lovely people won..............Sara (sewlittletosay) wins the knit fabric (from Annie) and wee robot bag, and Gill wins the cafĂ© apron.  I have emailed you both for your addresses. Winners were chosen by random number generation, I'm sure I could work out how to prove that to you with a screen shot.........but can you please just trust me?  Life is very very busy right now and my head is constantly spinning with ever growing lists. 

I generally love lists when they are the sort that things can be ticked off.  But almost everything on my lengthy list is at the stage where, once I complete one task it generates another, or, is handed over temporarily to someone else but still needs following up so I can't actually cross it off.  I do find it intensely annoying since I'm not creating a sense of satisfaction from fully completed tasks.  Still, the upside is that one day, when this is all over, I'm sure I'll instantly forget all the trauma - only to be completely shocked next time we move (but secretly I'm currently hoping that won't be for a very long time)!

And the photos?  Well, they are to remind me why this is all worth it.  I made a 24 hour visit up to the Black Isle a couple of weeks ago.  And, blissfully, had an hour all to myself before going to a meeting.  I took a walk along the old railway line between Avoch and Fortrose. If all falls into place, and we secure the house we are hoping for, then we will be able to cycle and walk this route to our primary school. Won't that be wonderful? We plan to live in Fortrose and there is a school bus to Avoch as, although it is only about 1 1/2 miles, the road isn't safe for walking - the road is sandwiched between the sea and the steep hillside, waaay down below the path from which I took these photos.  I'm sure that most days the kids will catch the bus, but I do like to know that we will be able to use our own steam too.

The wee town in the first photo is Avoch and that's where John is living just now.  It is likely that the rest of us will be joining him there in about 3 weeks a teeny tiny fisherman's cottage not far from the harbour.  We'll have to hope for good weather while we're there as there really won't be room to swing a cat (not that I'd want to!).

I'm hoping to pop back next week - would you like to see some photos of our current house?  I have been planning to show you the 'tidy and ready for viewings' photos but wanted to wait until missives were concluded.  That was due to happen this morning so I don't need to feel strange about showing you round our house (although I'm not certain yet that they have been signed since our solicitor is off sick, I'm trying not to take it personally!) .  I can't quite believe that it will only be our home for another 10 days or so.  What a strange thought.  My poor parents are gearing up for a noisy invasion for a couple of weeks before we go north.

Wishing you a lovely weekend when it comes.
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Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I'm excited and apprehensive for you but I feel certain you'll love being on your new home ground. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition x

Down by the sea said...

Your images for exploring your new home ground look wonderful. How exciting to be moving there! Sarah x

Amanda Fisher said...

It looks and sounds like a truly amazing place to move to - how wonderful! But moving is so stressful I do not envy you that at all. Good luck with everything xx

saffa said...

Congratulations to the winners :) It looks like such a beautiful walk, I'm sure it will be worth all the stress in the end. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you all with the move. The fishermans cottage sounds quite romantic! At least you will all be living together again till your final move. Hope you all have a good weekend too, safxxx

Louise said...

Beautiful photos. Hope everything goes smoothly and you can get some to do items ticked off soon! Will look forward to your next post :)

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I'd love a look at your house. Selling houses always amazes me, if you're anything like I am, just before sale, decluttered, decorated and tidy, I always wonder why we just didn't live in the house like that all the time?! Lovely photos, it will most definitely be worth it. Bethx